When selecting the material for your wetsuit, the choice is more crucial than you think. Have you ever wondered why some wetsuits last longer and provide better comfort? The material of your wetsuit plays a significant role in its performance, durability, and overall comfort. This is where VECTOR MOTION TVEC™ technology comes in. TVEC™ technology developed by VECTOR MOTION can enhance your surfing experience by keeping you warmer, more flexible, and protected against the elements.





What is TVEC™?

VECTOR MOTION carefully considers the user's tactile sensations, temperature, and physical comfort during outdoor activities, dedicating itself to developing TVEC™ Memory Rebound Technology. The wetsuit is made of 2.5MM/3MM material, consisting of 80% neoprene and 20% nylon. It features memory rebound properties that enhance wetsuits' performance, durability, and comfort. This technology provides excellent wrapping and contouring with a streamlined design that adheres to every inch of the skin, offering shaping and a perfect fit. It allows for free movement and stretching. TVEC™ also offers a sun protection factor of UPF 50+, effectively blocking UV rays and providing comprehensive protection from the ocean floor to the surface.






AQUA™ & Creora® Power Fit

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