Stephanie Kwolek, a pioneer in polymer research, achieved remarkable breakthroughs during her career, including the invention of Kevlar® - an extraordinary material known for its exceptional strength. Comprised of tightly interlinked chains bonded with hydrogen, Kevlar® boasts a tensile strength ten times greater than steel at an equivalent weight. Its tightly spun fibers create a formidable defense against high-velocity projectiles, effectively absorbing and dispersing their energy upon impact. Moreover, Kevlar®'s molecular structure grants it impressive resistance to cuts, slashes, and punctures. Notably, Kevlar® exhibits inherent flame resistance, safeguarding against thermal hazards up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, without melting, dripping, or supporting combustion. Stephanie Kwolek's pioneering work with Kevlar® has revolutionized various industries, setting new standards for durability and safety.


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The use of Kevlar® features in snow gloves has a number of advantages that positively impact and are important to the skiing and snowboarding experience. Firstly, Kevlar® has excellent abrasion and tear resistance, enabling snow gloves to withstand the rubbing and pulling that can be encountered during skiing or snowboarding, protecting the hand from the external environment, for example from abrasions or wear and tear in the event of a fall. Secondly, Kevlar® has excellent thermal resistance to withstand cold temperatures in cold weather, keeping hands warm and providing extra protection when needed. Snow gloves like VECTOR's with Kevlar® features not only provide reliable protection and comfort, but also enhance our confidence and performance, ensuring a better experience and performance in snow sports.


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