Are Mittens or Gloves Better for Skiing and Snowboarding

Are Mittens or Gloves Better for Skiing and Snowboarding

Choosing the right mittens or gloves for snow sports sparks debates within the skiing and snowboarding communities. Whether you opt for mittens or gloves, the primary goal is to keep your hands warm and protected from the biting wind. If you're confused about your choice, consider features such as insulation, waterproofing, dexterity, and touch-screen compatibility. A personal preference, the right pair can elevate your snow adventure. Explore our latest additions, including snowboarding gloves with wrist guards for added protection, detachable mittens for versatility, and waterproof snowboard gloves to keep you dry in the snow. Level up your winter gear!


In this article, we'll delve into a direct comparison between mittens and gloves, exploring which might be better suited for skiing and snowboarding.




Generally speaking, mittens can offer more warmth than gloves because your fingers are physically together in one pocket with only your thumb being free and your fingers can share warmth. More importantly, mittens can be a good choice for beginners. Because when you fall on the snow, mittens can effectively spread the pressure and better protect your finger joints.

detachable mittens



However, mittens will be at a dexterity cost. Because your fingers are in one pocket, it can be much more difficult for you to perform some hand movements and even have to take your mittens off to do certain movements. For example, wearing mittens makes it difficult to master ski poles or adjust ski glasses. Therefore, mittens are more suitable for snowboarding, because at least snowboarding does not require poles.




Gloves are the opposite of mittens. The main benefit of wearing a pair of gloves over mittens is the added dexterity that you get because all of your fingers are separated, making it easier to use your hands. You'll be able to clasp and unbuckle your boots, open pockets and zippers, and grip your ski poles more easily as a result. If you can accomplish all of those tasks without removing your gloves in the cold, you'll be able to spare yourself a great deal of suffering.


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On the other hand, gloves are fantastic for using your hands, but they don't keep you as warm as mittens. The fingers don't generate as much body heat when they are separated into distinct pockets as they would if they were all together. This makes gloves an excellent choice for activities involving prolonged hand use, such as skiing or snowboarding, on days that are not extremely cold. Moreover, lightweight gloves are also a great choice for aerobic activities, such as cross-country skiing, where your body is generating lots of heat.




As can be seen from the above, both mittens and gloves have obvious pros and cons. Isn't there a compromise option? Of course there is!


Lobster mittens, also sometimes called lobster gloves, are the best of both worlds. Lobster mittens are shaped like a lobster’s claw, with three pockets for fingers. Some manufacturers make a blend of a glove and mitten, joining your index and middle fingers together and your ring and pinky fingers together. If you realize that mittens feel inconvenient to wear and gloves aren't warm enough, they are a perfect alternative.


snowboarding gloves with wrist guards

Unlike gloves or mittens, lobsters offer a bit more in terms of versatility for skiing and snowboarding. Lobsters are somewhat of a hybrid between both styles of hand protectors, sharing elements of both gloves and mittens, which makes them a decent pairing for both ski fanatics and snowboarders to keep their fingers warm and Keep fingers nimble at the same time. Just like mittens, lobster is suitable for ski lovers holding onto their poles because of the separate pockets for thumb and forefinger. All these pros make lobster a fancy gear suitable for both skiing and snowboarding.


Meanwhile, lobster also has some cons but does not matter. For example, lobster is not as classic of a look as mittens and gloves and lobster is not a common style that maybe you can not find the one that suits your aesthetic.




Q: How should I choose mittens and gloves?

A: You should consider such features as insulation, waterproofness, dexterity, and touch-screen compatibility. A pair of durable mittens and gloves can inject joy into your journey.


Q: Is waterproof necessary for mittens and gloves?

A: Of course! Most gloves and mittens designed for skiing and snowboarding include a waterproof in order to prevent the snow from freezing your hands.


Q: How to keep my hands warm?

A: Making sure that your hands are dry from sweat or moisture before you put your gloves on is very important to keeping them dry. And then choosing the right size of mittens is extremely important for hand and finger warmth. If the mittens are too big, there will be extra air space on the inside, making it more difficult for your body heat to heat up the extra space.




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