How to Choose Snowboard Pants & Bibs

How to Choose Snowboard Pants & Bibs

How to Choose Snowboard Pants & Bibs?

 VECTOR womens snowboard pants

Snowboarding pants play a crucial role in your snowboarding gear. The primary function of snowboard pants is to provide warmth, dryness, and comfort while effectively shielding against collisions, scratches, and other external forces. This article provides key insights on choosing the right women's snowboard pants and men's snowboard pants.


Here will let you know:

  1. Choosing the right snowboard pants: key considerations
  2. Waterproof performance & breathability of snowboard pants
  3. What to wear under snowboard pants?
  4. Why choose snowboard bibs?
  5. Practical features of snowboard pants


Choosing the Right Snowboard Pants: Key Considerations

  1. Beginners should opt for versions that offer ample knee and hip allowance to accommodate protective gear.
  2. It's important to choose pants that are not too thin or low-waisted, or with an open leg design.
  3. Waterproof performance is essential to prevent snow water infiltration and stains, especially when sitting or kneeling on the snow surface.
  4. If you enjoy carving, consider scratch-resistant and wear-resistant pants, while off-trail snowboarders may benefit from high-waisted pants to keep the snow out.

VECTOR womens snowboard pants

Stretch of Snowboard Pants

Some snow wear manufacturers also incorporate elastic components into their fabrics, such as VECTOR, which utilizes Dupont™ Sorona® fiber. Sorona® is a natural and renewable fiber known for its exceptional flexibility, offering exceptional stretch and recovery even after repeated stretches and washes. When performing dynamic movements or various activities, you can experience a comfortable fit.

 VECTOR snowboard pants sorona fabric


Waterproof Performance & Breathability of Snowboard Pants

Waterproof performance

Waterproof performance is measured by the number of millimeters of water column per square centimeter that can withstand water seepage for one hour. Snowboard pants typically have a waterproof rating ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 mm. The higher the number, the greater the water resistance.

You can choose waterproof value based on the conditions and environment.

Waterproof Value (mm)

Applicable Environment


Poor waterproof performance, not suitable for snowboarding


Moderate waterproof performance, suitable for indoor or outdoor sunny days


Able to stay dry for 2-3 hours (in daily weather such as light snow)


High waterproof performance and maintains dryness throughout the day (resistant to most harsh environments)



When it comes to breathability, it's crucial for the fabric to disperse sweat and prevent moisture buildup. Good breathability ensures you stay dry and comfortable even during intense activity on the slopes.

Breathability (m2·24h)



Poor breathability, easy to get stuffy, and poor moisture removal effect


Good breathability, able to quickly remove moisture and keep snow clothes dry for a long time


What to Wear Under Snowboard Pants?

It's recommended to wear a base layer under your snowboard pants. Optimal comfort, warmth, and moisture management are key factors to keep in mind. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer made of breathable and quick-drying materials such as polyester or merino wool. These fabrics will efficiently pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your riding session. By selecting clothing with superior moisture management, you can ensure a dry and enjoyable snowboarding experience.

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Why Choose Snowboard Bibs?

 VECTOR womens snowboard bibs

With their higher waistline and bib design, snowboard bibs offer increased coverage, effectively keeping snow out and ensuring a drier and more comfortable ride. The secure fit provided by adjustable suspenders or straps prevents the need for constant readjustments, allowing for a distraction-free experience. Their stylish and trendy appearance adds to their appeal, making them a popular choice among snowboarders. Choose snowboard bibs for optimal comfort, protection, and style on the slopes. They also accommodate different body types and offer greater freedom of movement.

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Practical Features of VECTOR Snowboard Pants

VECTOR mens snowboard pants

Zipper vents: Located on the inner thigh with mesh lining, these vents prevent snow from entering while allowing for improved temperature regulation.

Deep pockets: Offering ample storage space, these pockets can securely hold keys, money, Air Pods, protein bars, and even small bottles of water.

Snow gaiters: Featuring a snow skirt lining, these snowboard pants have a design that covers the outside of snow boots, keeping snow out when falling. A small hook under the pants helps keep them securely in place.

Zip ankle openings: Look out for zip ankle openings that make it easier to put on and remove snowboard boots, especially considering their bulky nature.

Reflective strips: VECTOR's snowboard pants are also designed with special reflective strips that provide visibility in darker environments or at night, ensuring a safer skiing experience during nighttime activities.



Q: What is the difference between snowboard pants and ski pants?

A: Skiing and snowboarding clothing are often used interchangeably. They both require outerwear that protects you from wind and slush. VECTOR snow pants are suitable for both snowboarding and skiing, featuring a tailored fit that provides ample space to wear protective gear without feeling excessively baggy.


Q: How to look stylish on the slopes?

A: We recommend investing in a complete set of snow outwear. VECTOR’s fashionable designs will elevate your style on the mountain. Additionally, choose accessories with similar design elements will complement your outfit.


Q: What is the difference between snow bibs and snow pants?

A: Snow pants function similarly to regular pants, fastening at the waist with a zipper and button. On the other hand, snow bibs extend up to the chest and feature shoulder straps that keep them securely in place, resembling a pair of overalls.


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