The Best Base Layers for Women of 2024

The Best Base Layers for Women of 2024

By: Paul Mcmillan

As the winter chill sets in and ski season starts, it’s crucial to stay cozy and comfortable while hitting the slopes. But when it comes to women’s base layers, finding the right fit can be a daunting task. Fear not, fellow adventurers! This guide not only helps with your snowboarding gear checklist but also showcases the top 7 base layers of 2024, guaranteeing that your next mountain-escapade will be all about pure, unbridled shredding. And don't forget to grab the best women's snowboard gloves to keep your hands warm and dry while conquering the slopes.





Vector Pastel Seamless Base Layer

Embrace soft hues and cozy warmth with the Vector Official Pastel Seamless Base Layer. This versatile garment features a unique blend of merino wool and recycled polyester, offering gentle warmth, efficient moisture wicking, and a touch of eco-conscious style. The seamless construction eliminates chafing and pressure points, ensuring unrestricted movement during your adventures.
  • Provides comfortable warmth and natural odor resistance.
  • Sustainable choice with added durability.
  • Pastel colors add a touch of personality to your base layer wardrobe.
  • Chafe-free comfort for optimal movement.
  • Layers easily under outerwear without feeling bulky.
  • Competitive price point compared to some merino wool base layers.
  • Not the ideal choice for extreme cold conditions.
  • Requires gentle washing and drying to maintain its shape and properties.




Arc’teryx Rho Hoody

The Arc’teryx Rho Hoody is a premium base layer that prioritizes comfort, versatility, and performance for a range of activities. Its soft fleece, balaclava hood, and trim fit make it a favorite for many, but its price tag and warmth limitations might not suit everyone.
base layer
  • Suitable for hiking, skiing, climbing, yoga, and casual wear.
  • Soft, brushed Torrent™ fleece wicks away moisture while offering gentle warmth.
  • Can be worn as a neck warmer, low-profile hood, or full balaclava for extra warmth and protection.
  • Efficient moisture management keeps you comfortable.
  • More expensive than some other base layers.
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a looser base layer.
  • Provides light warmth, not suitable for intense cold or static activities.
  • For some users, the balaclava style might feel too bulky for warm activities.



Black Diamond Women’s Solution 150 Merino Base Crew

The Black Diamond Women’s Solution 150 Merino Base Crew is a high-performance base layer for active women who prioritize comfort, functionality, and durability. While it comes at a premium price, its technical features and NuYarn technology make it a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate quality outdoor gear.
woman base layer
  • Soft, itch-free merino wool with chafe-free seams
  • NuYarn technology makes the fabric stronger and more resistant to wear and tear
  • Suitable for various activities and weather conditions
  • Accommodates backpack straps without discomfort
  • More expensive than some other base layers
  • May not be sufficient for extremely cold conditions
  • Some users prefer the natural feel of traditional merino wool
  • Currently only available in black and a couple of other muted colours



Patagonia’s Women’s Capilene® Midweight Crew

This classic, all-around base layer from Patagonia is constructed with 100% recycled polyester diamond-grid double-knit fabric. It delivers comfortable warmth, excellent moisture wicking, and quick drying times, making it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities in cool to-cold weather.
woman base layer
  • Made entirely from recycled polyester, reducing environmental impact.
  • Diamond-grid construction traps warmth while allowing moisture to escape.
  • Dries quickly, reducing sweat buildup and maintaining comfort.
  • HeiQ® Pure treatment helps manage odor, keeping you feeling fresh longer.
  • May require additional base layering for very cold conditions.
  • Might not be ideal for high-intensity activities where you need maximum breathability.
  • Only available in a few neutral tones.



Smartwool Intraknit™ Thermal Merino Base Layer Crew

This minimalist masterpiece features 200g of luxuriously soft merino wool, woven in a unique seamless construction for exceptional warmth, breathability, and freedom of movement. Body-mapped mesh ventilation enhances comfort during high-intensity activities, while the odor-resistant and quick-drying properties keep you feeling fresh all day long. Available in various stylish colors, this base layer is the perfect blend of performance and versatility.
woman base layer
  • Provides outstanding warmth and breathability for all-weather comfort.
  • Eliminates chafing and pressure points for maximum comfort and movement.
  • Keeps you cool and dry during strenuous activities.
  • Efficiently pulls moisture away from your skin, keeping you dry and warm.
  • Merino wool base layers generally come at a premium price.
  • May require layering for sub-zero temperatures.
  • Might not be the best choice for high-intensity activities where you need maximum breathability.
  • Requires gentle washing and drying to maintain its optimal performance.



Merino Ridge Aspect Merino Wool High Neck Top

The Merino Ridge Women’s Aspect Merino Wool High Neck Top is a versatile base layer designed for warmth and comfort. It features a Midweight (180g/m²) (m)Force technology merino wool blend, offering exceptional insulation and breathability. The high neck functions as a built-in neck gaiter for extra protection from the elements, while the raglan sleeves and thumbholes ensure freedom of movement and warmth.
woman base layer
  • The Merino wool blend provides excellent insulation while wicking away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.
  • Doubles as a neck gaiter for added protection against wind and cold.
  • Raglan sleeves and thumbholes allow for unrestricted movement.
  • Stays put and layers easily under outerwear.
  • Convenient access for your earbuds.
  • May require layering for very cold conditions.
  • Limited color options: Only available in a few colors
  • Might feel warmer than desired during high-intensity activities.



North Face Summit Pro 120 Crew Base Layer Top

This slim-fit, lightweight base layer boasts advanced moisture management and comfort features for cold-weather exploration. It utilizes The North Face’s DotKnit fabric and FlashDry™ technology to keep you dry and warm during intense activities. For intense cold-weather activities like mountaineering, skiing, or high-intensity hikes, the Summit Pro 120 Crew shines.
But if you need a warmer, more budget-friendly, or relaxed base layer, consider other options.
  • Targeted yarn construction and engineered holes in the fabric wick away sweat efficiently, keeping you dry and comfortable.
  • Ideal for high-output activities where breathability is key.
  • Raglan sleeves and underarm guscolorslow for unrestricted movement.
  • DotKnit fabric provides warmth while remaining thin and breathable.
  • Not ideal for those who prefer a looser base layer.
  • Higher price point compared to some other base layers.
  • Primarily available in neutral colors.
  • Some users mention potential pilling over time.






You’ve reached the summit of base-layer knowledge! Now, gear up, shred the slopes, and let comfort fuel your winter adventures. Remember, the perfect base layer is a personal journey. So, explore our other blog posts for even more tips and tricks to conquer any mountaintop (and temperature!), on or off the piste.

Happy trails! And be sure to tag us in your epic base layer-powered moments.



Q: What is the warmest base layer for women?

A: The warmest base layer for women is often made from merino wool or synthetic materials. Merino wool is known for its exceptional warmth, moisture-wicking properties, and odor resistance, making it an excellent choice for cold weather. Synthetic base layers are designed to provide warmth, moisture management, and quick-drying capabilities, making them suitable for various outdoor activities in cold climates.


Q: What is the best base layer for extreme weather?

A: For extreme weather conditions, the best base layer would be one that offers advanced insulation and moisture-wicking capabilities. Look for base layers with advanced fabric technologies. These materials are designed to provide enhanced warmth and moisture management, making them ideal for extreme cold weather.


Q: What is the best base layer for elderly people?

A: When selecting base layers for elderly people, it's important to consider their specific needs, such as comfort, ease of movement, and warmth. Merino wool base layers are often a good choice due to their natural thermal regulation, softness, and odor resistance. Additionally, base layers with a blend of materials, such as merino wool and polyester, can provide both warmth and moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort and protection for elderly individuals during cold weather activities. It's essential to prioritize comfort and ease of wear when choosing base layers for elderly individuals.





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