Where to Shred in Australia?


As everyone knows and appreciates, Australia is most known for its glorious summers. Australia has some amazing ski resorts that will urge you to pack your bags and hit the slopes, even though it might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of skiing. Unbelievably, Australia has everything. Whether you're looking for long, scenic runs, steep, deep terrain, or family-friendly slopes.


You'll also get to enjoy the extraordinary rush of backcountry skiing in the company of kangaroos and wombats. This article discusses the top four Australian ski resorts and the benefits of visiting them this winter. Let's move on now!


Before you go snowboarding, please make sure to take good precautions, regardless of your level of experience. This applies to everyone: families with young children looking to have a fantastic vacation, solo skiers and snowboarders, and groups. You will undoubtedly require the best snowboard gloves and your best snowboarding attire. Also, do you want to know how to choose a snowboad helmet? Click and check it out!


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Mt. Buller, Victoria.

Terrific place for chilling on weekends, Specialist favor choice


Looking for a ski resort near Melbourne? You'll love Mt. Buller. It's only a three-hour drive from the city, and it has some of the best advanced slopes in Australia. Whether you want to explore the thrilling off-piste areas or experience the adrenaline rush of skiing on steep and challenging terrain, you'll find what you're looking for here. With a vertical drop of 400 meters and a longest run of 2.5 kilometers, you'll never get bored. Plus, Mt. Buller has reliable snow conditions, with an average annual snowfall of 48 inches and extensive snowmaking facilities.


The average wind speed is 9.8 km/h, which is moderate and suitable for skiing.You can also choose from a range of accommodation options, from opulent hotels to economical resorts. And don't forget the stunning scenery, with views of the bushland and the alpine peaks. You might even see some wombats and kangaroos along your amazing journey. Mt. Buller is ideal for skiers of all levels, but especially for advanced skiers who want to challenge themselves. The only downside is that it can be busy and pricey during peak season, so you better book early and avoid weekends and holidays as much as possible.


Falls Creek Alpine Resort, Victoria

A Family-Friendly Ski Wonderland


Do you want to have a fun and memorable ski holiday with your family? Do you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, the excitement of skiing, and the comfort of staying in a ski-in ski-out village? If you answered yes, then you should visit Falls Creek Alpine Resort.


It's one of the most popular ski resorts in Australia, with over 1000 hectares of skiable terrain. You can find slopes for all levels of skiers, from gentle and picturesque runs to challenging and exhilarating ones. Falls Creek Alpine Resort also features the most extensive cross-country ski area in the country, with over 40 kilometers of trails. You may enjoy both the natural beauty and the resort's vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. A variety of lodging options are also available to you, ranging from comfortable and reasonably priced residences to luxurious and roomy chalets.


Be sure to take in the gorgeous scenery, including views of Rocky Valley Lake and the surrounding high peaks. Falls Creek Alpine Resort is ideal for skiers of all ages and levels, but especially for families craving a memorable ski memory.


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Thredbo, New South Wales

A Ski Resort with a Party Vibe


Adore skiing but also want to soak up a thriving nightlife and culture? Then Thredbo is the perfect ski resort for you. It is located in the heart of the Snowy Mountains, approximately six hours from Sydney or Melbourne. Thredbo boasts the longest ski runs in Australia, with a vertical drop of 672 meters and a maximum length of 5 kilometers. You may ski on a wide range of terrain, from beginner-friendly slopes to expert-only chutes. Thredbo also boasts an excellent terrain park with jumps, rails, and a half pipe.


Thredbo is more than just a ski resort. It's a place to have a blast, make new friends, and soak up the local culture. With over 30 bars and restaurants, you can feast on anything from gourmet dishes to pub grub. Live music, comedy shows, and festivals keep you entertained all year round. Whether you prefer cozy lodges or luxury hotels, you'll find your ideal accommodation. Thredbo has it all: awesome skiing, vibrant nightlife, and rich culture. It's the ultimate destination for you and your buddies to enjoy a ski holiday you'll never forget. Just book your trip and brace yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.



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Perisher, Southern Hemisphere:

The Hidden Gems of Australia’s Largest Ski Resort


You want to experience something new in along with your love of skiing, right? The ski resort for you would be Perisher. With more than 1200 hectares of skiable land, it is the biggest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere. Everywhere you ski—Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega, or Blue Cow—you'll encounter numerous challenges and hazards. The longest ski run in Australia is 3 kilometers long, with a vertical drop of 355 meters. Not to mention, with more than 100 kilometers of trails, the largest cross-country ski area in the entire country. You may take in the dynamic ambiance of the resort as well as the beauty of nature.


There are tons of diverse lodging alternatives, from cozy lodges to lavish resorts, to suit your taste and budget. Take in the spectacular surroundings, which includes views of the mountain ranges and forests. Skiers of all skill levels, but particularly those seeking a great diversity, will find Perisher to be perfect. All you have to do is arrange your travel and be ready for an incredible journey.




Q: When is the best time to go skiing in Australia?

A: The ski season in Australia usually runs from June to October, but different ski resorts may have different opening times and snow conditions. Generally, July and August are the best months for skiing, because that’s when the snow is most abundant and consistent.


Q: How to choose the right skis for kids?

A: Choosing the right skis for kids is important for their safety and enjoyment. The main factors to consider are the child’s age, height, weight, and skiing level. Beginner skis are softer and more forgiving, while advanced skis are stiffer and more responsive. The skis should also have the right width, shape, and rocker for the terrain that the child will ski on.


Q: What are some tips for skiing with kids?

A: It requires some planning and preparation. Always make sure the kids have the right gear, and choose family-friendly or beginner-friendly resorts. Starting with easy runs and gradually progressing to longer and harder ones would be helpful and acceptable.


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