How To Choose the Perfect Sport Swimwear
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How To Choose the Perfect Sport Swimwear

Welcome to the ultimate guide to finding your dream sports swimwear! Whether you're catching waves, paddling through serene waters, or simply enjoying a leisurely swim in the pool. Get ready to dive into a sea of choices and discover the perfect fit that boosts your confidence and makes waves in style. When choosing the best sports swimwear, consider four key elements: Fabrics, comfort, durability, and style. Styles are also diverse, like The surf rash guard: your essential companion for conquering the waves while keeping your skin protected and comfortable. The one-piece rash guard combines elegance and functionality. The sleeveless rash guard provides arm mobility and ventilation. Ready to dive into the world of sports swimwear? Let's splash into the adventure of finding the perfect fit that makes you feel like a champion in the water!



What is sports swimwear?






What is sports swimwear?

Sports swimwear refers to specialized swimsuits designed for various athletic activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, and water polo. They are engineered to provide optimal performance, rapid drying, comfort, and durability during physical water-based pursuits.




Countless swimsuit options are on the market, making it challenging to choose. However, selecting unsatisfactory swimwear fabric can significantly diminish our enjoyment of water activities. We recommend opting for fabrics such as UPF 50+, chlorine-resistant, and highly elastic to increase the lifespan of swimwear. VECTOR swimwear features distinctive fabrics including AQUA™, Creora power fit technology, and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ technology. The VECTOR AQUA™ fabric provides a cooling sensation and unrestricted movement during activities. Creora® Power Fit offers high elasticity for sculpting the body. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber is known for its durability and sculpting properties.


And don't forget: Choose swimwear fabrics that meet these criteria: fast drying, high resistance to chlorine, breathability, ease of maintenance, and extreme comfort. Our recommendation for fabric selection ensures both durability and comfort for your swimwear needs.




There are various types of swimwear. Finding the perfect sports swimwear depends on various personal preferences: your level of activity, your desired level of support, or how much skin you wish to expose. The style categories we've curated for you. It's easy to discover swimwear that is both stylish and functional.


Two-piece women’s suits

The bikini, a classic two-piece swimsuit, typically consists of a top and bottom, featuring styles like the classic triangle top, bralette, or bandeau. VECTOR's Bikini Top boasts flattering cuts, with options like backless designs for showcasing a beautiful back or low-cut necklines to accentuate the collarbones. With built-in fixed chest pads, there's no need to worry about shifting during water activities. Crafted from VECLAB™ fabric and Creora® Power Fit, VECTOR's Bikini Top ensures coolness and freedom of movement without constraints, perfect for hot beach days. Plus, it offers quick-drying properties and UPF50+ sun protection. For the Bikini bottom, opt for finely stitched, soft, and antimicrobial fabric for freshness. Featuring added antibacterial agents in the crotch, VECTOR's Bikini bottom creates an environment unfriendly to microbial growth. Keep our private parts clean and hygienic.


 bikini top



The Rash Guard, commonly worn in water sports like surfing or diving, is a form-fitting garment available in short or long sleeves, with options for pullover or zip-up styles. Lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable, Rash Guards offer high elasticity and UPF50+ sun protection, effectively shielding you from harmful UV rays. Typically paired with surf shorts, they provide additional protection and comfort during surfing, preventing skin damage from friction. Rash guard bottoms are available in various styles, such as Swim Shorts, Swim Leggings, Swim Leggings With Skirt, Swim Skirt, and Swim Middle Pants.


swim wear




One-Piece Swimsuit

Due to their ability to stay in place better than two-piece swimsuits, most active one-piece swimsuits are the preferred choice for activities like diving, body surfing, or stand-up paddleboarding. Introducing our high-performance swimwear, designed to elevate your water adventures to new heights. Crafted with lightweight support and eight-way stretch, these swimsuits offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The Creora® Power Fit fabric ensures high elasticity and shaping, while UPF50+ sun protection keeps you safe under the sun. With quick-drying and breathable properties, along with exquisite logo printing and double-shoulder design, our swimwear is perfect for surfing, swimming, diving, and more.


Choosing between a one-piece swimsuit and a bikini ultimately depends on personal preference and comfort. While one-pieces provide more coverage, bikinis offer greater flexibility, especially for those who prefer different sizes on top and bottom. However, opting for a long-sleeve swimsuit would be advisable if you prioritize enhanced coverage and sun protection.

 One-Piece Swimsuit




Q: Can you wear a bra under a swimsuit?

A: While it's technically possible to wear a bra under a swimsuit, it's not typically recommended. Regular bras aren't designed to withstand water exposure and may become damaged or lose their shape when submerged in water. Additionally, bras may not provide the necessary support or coverage needed for swimming or other water activities. It's generally best to opt for swimsuits with built-in support, such as padded cups, underwire, or shelf bras, for comfort and functionality in the water.



Q: How should a sports swimsuit fit?

A: A sports swimsuit should fit snugly but not too tight, providing adequate support and coverage during physical activities like swimming, surfing, or diving. It should stay in place without riding up or shifting while allowing for freedom of movement.



Q: What do you look for when choosing swimwear?

When choosing swimwear, consider factors like fit, fabric, functionality, and style. Look for options that provide the right level of coverage and support for your body type and the activities you'll be engaging in. Additionally, prioritize features like quick-drying fabric, sun protection, and durability for prolonged use in various water environments.







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