AQUA™ & Creora® Power Fit

AQUA™ & Creora® Power Fit

Choosing the right swimsuit material is crucial for enhancing your performance and comfort in the water. VECTOR MOTION's AQUA™ fabric is specially designed for surfers. Swimwear made from AQUA™ and Creora® Power Fit fabrics offers a perfect blend of coolness and comfort. The combination of these innovative technologies not only improves your swimming experience but also protects your skin and maintains the fit and appearance of your swimwear over time. With materials that balance function and fashion, you can experience the future of swimwear.




What is AQUA™?

VECTOR MOTION AQUA™ is a fabric specifically designed for surfers, featuring a cooling mineral sunscreen material. When wearing swimwear made from this fabric, you experience a sensation of coolness and freedom of movement without constraints. This refreshing feeling is due to the mineral components in the fabric, which effectively block the absorption of heat from the sun. As a result, you can enjoy comfortable swimming sessions even on hot summer days, without the risk of sun damage.



Creora® Power Fit

Creora® Power Fit

Creora® Power Fit is a high-performance elastic fiber used in the production of tight-fitting sportswear and underwear. It offers exceptional elasticity and support, ensuring garments are snug and comfortable. With outstanding stretch and shape retention, the fabric's superior elasticity and shape retention ensure that your clothing maintains its form and structure, wash after wash. With Creora® Power Fit, you can experience a perfect balance of style, comfort, and performance, making it an ideal choice for active individuals seeking both fashion and functionality in their apparel.





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