The Vibram ICETREK is designed to provide you with more reliable traction on snow and ice. This rubber compound makes it easier and more comfortable for you to move around in cold areas. Not only that, but ICETREK is designed with indoor floor protection in mind, so it won't scratch or damage floors, while also preventing the trapping of liquids and dirt. Whether it's ice or snow, ICETREK provides you with reliable grip and traction. Its soft rubber material adheres effectively to smooth surfaces while providing excellent traction. The sole is designed with small pointed lugs and a large support surface to ensure that you can walk with confidence in any situation. All in all, the ICETREK delivers excellent performance, giving you superior grip and stability whether you're on ice, snow, or cold terrain.



The Vibram ICETREK plays an important role in skiing, where we are often faced with a variety of terrain and conditions including icy, snowy, slippery, etc. The Vibram ICETREK is designed to meet these challenges, with a rubberized composite that provides excellent grip and traction on icy and snow-covered terrain, allowing us to maintain a firm grip on speed and direction and reducing the risk of slipping. Risks. Providing a stable, reliable grip and control that allows us to glide comfortably and enjoy skiing on a variety of icy surfaces, VECTOR's Snowboard Boots include this same feature in a stylish design and a wide range of colors to choose from!




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