What Are The Properties of Sorona Insulation?

What Are The Properties of Sorona Insulation?

To understand how Sorona insulation excels in a variety of climates and activities, it's important to understand its properties. From exceptional warmth to long-lasting durability, Sorona insulation offers a range of benefits that enhance the comfort and functionality of your outerwear. Sorona® Aura insulation offers enduring shape and warmth for various climates, spanning from jackets and pants to gloves and hats. Better help you find the right garment for you.



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The lightweight nature of Sorona means that it provides excellent warmth while remaining lightweight and non-bulky. This lightness makes Sorona an ideal insulating material, especially for outdoor activities and sportswear. Compared to traditional insulation, Sorona's lightweight design allows us to feel more comfortable and free, without being overly constrained or burdened. And when it comes to snowboarding, lightweight gear also means less fatigue and longer glide times. Imagine the freedom you feel when you wear a VECTOR snow jacket made with Sorona's lightweight thermal material. No longer constrained by bulky clothing, you can conquer steep slopes without hesitation and enjoy every moment of snowboarding. Thanks to Sorona's lightweight properties, your movements become more agile and faster, allowing you to move through the snow with greater ease.






Breathable insulation

Sorona's breathable insulation is an innovative design designed to provide a comfortable, ventilated warmth solution. This design effectively regulates body temperature so that you remain dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

Sorona's breathable insulation feature is a game-changer for snowboarding enthusiasts, offering a dynamic blend of warmth and comfort that keeps you feeling fresh and agile on the slopes. Unlike conventional insulating materials that may trap moisture and cause discomfort, Sorona's innovative design allows for optimal airflow, ensuring breathability throughout your snowboarding adventures. VECTOR snow wears feature with Sorona. With Sorona's breathable insulation, you'll never feel stifled or clammy underneath your gear. Instead, you'll experience a refreshing sensation as excess heat and moisture are efficiently transported away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable all day long.






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