What is Dermizax™

What is Dermizax™

Dermizax™ technology, developed by Toray Industries, Inc. in Japan, it is renowned for its exceptional waterproof capabilities and remarkable breathability in outdoor apparel. This article explores the technology's uniqueness and why many outdoor brands incorporate it into their jackets and pants for activities like snowboarding, skiing, and mountaineering, ensuring a dry and comfortable experience for adventurers.



Key features of Dermizax™



Dermizax™ offers outstanding waterproof performance, effectively preventing rainwater penetration with its advanced membrane materials and impressive 20,000mm waterproof rating. Despite its strong waterproof capabilities, Dermizax™ maintains excellent breathability, ensuring comfort during various outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. It excels in damp and rainy conditions, allowing wearers to enjoy outdoor pursuits without worrying about moisture or rainfall.




Skiing is a high-intensity activity that often leads to sweating.Dermizax™ stands out for its exceptional breathability and waterproof protection. It efficiently manages internal moisture, preventing discomfort and excessive sweating during activities. The fabric's dual functionality—preventing rainwater penetration while allowing air circulation—makes it ideal for high-intensity sports like climbing and skiing. Dermizax™ maintains temperature balance, ensuring comfort in diverse weather conditions. We have the option of purchasing snowwear made with Dermizax™. Like VECTOR Dermizax™ 3L snow jacket and snow pants.



Customized Yarns

Dermizax™ offers customized yarn options tailored for various sports and environments. Toray can adjust waterproofness, breathability, elasticity, softness, durability, and other fabric properties to meet individual needs. This customization ensures optimal performance and comfort across different outdoor activities.


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