The All-Around 2L Collection

Exceptionally balanced in every aspect, perfect for both beginners and advanced players on conventional indoor and outdoor snow trails. Focused on comfort, style, and functionality, it remains one of VECTOR's perennially popular collections. The outer fabric incorporates SORONA elastic fibers, providing a loose fit for unrestricted movement. Filled with Sorona or SUSTANS eco-friendly bio-cotton for lightweight warmth.

  • 20k Waterproofing/20k Breathability
  • Added SORONA® fibers for flexibility and resilience, offering unrestricted movement
  • SUSTANS® insulation for efficient warmth
  • Abrasion resistance: 15,000 cycles

The Insnow Collection

VECTOR-exclusive four-way stretch compound fleece adheres closely with a water-resistant outer layer and fleece-lined interior, ensuring enhanced comfort and warmth. The dopamine color palette ignites your passion for skiing, making it easier to overcome the initial nervousness of beginners. Cover that up and boldly slide away from the city with your friends!

  • 10k Waterproofing/5k Breathability
  • High-density fleece for warmth lock-in
  • Especially suitable for beginners and indoor skiing.

The VerteX Collection

After countless falls in the beginner's stage, you wobble into the second level. Now, you've mastered tools like magic carpets, chairlifts, and cable cars, no longer confined to practicing in one place. You've learned how to edge, make J-turns with the front and back edges.

  • 30k Waterproofing/10k Breathability 3L fabric
  • TRICOT reinforcement layer
  • SORONA® Aura efficient insulation (for insulated styles)
  • Abrasion resistance: 20,000 cycles