At VECTOR, we're all about elevating your outdoor sports experience. Our passion lies in combining cutting-edge technology with style, allowing you to hit the slopes or trails with effortless flair.

Our commitment is to level the playing field, ensuring that you can hit the slopes or trails with confidence and style, no matter your skill level or background. When you choose VECTOR, you're not just gearing up for an adventure; you're embracing your own unique fashion attitude. Motion and style merge seamlessly, because we believe your sporting adventure should be as chic as it is thrilling.

Fashion Meets Function

"Our mission is to offer snow sports enthusiasts high-quality, fashionable apparel within a reasonable budget.” —— Sharon L., Founder & CEO of VECTOR

As a graduate of the University of the Arts London, Sharon infuses her keen sense of design with products, creating a fusion of style and functionality. It seamlessly transitions from city to the great outdoors, ensuring you look stylish no matter where life takes you.

Sharon blends her refined aesthetic with the family's apparel industry expertise, forming VECTOR’s philosophy — a fusion of style and function. VECTOR empowers individuals to embrace comfort and express their unique style on the slopes.

At VECTOR, we control every step of development and production, crafting technical fabrics that care for your body around the clock. We're all about fashion meeting function, making you adventure-ready and effortlessly stylish.

Our Fabrics & Materials


Sorona® Aura bio-fiberfill